As a child I was always interested in animals. I was always getting new pets to the point where my house was practically a Zoo. I am still very interested in animals, I had intentions of being Pre-vet going into my first year of college and although that's not the path I am currently on I still do love animals. I have many pets, not as many as I used to but I do see animals always being a part of my life. I Cant remember asking questions about them but I don't think I was ever one to ask many questions. Instead I would watch documentaries. I was constantly watching nature documentaries of different environments and the animals that lived there. obsessed with the environments and food-chains, how all the animals predators and prey help up their ecosystems and how changes due to humans were inflicting near irreversible disparities in their homes. I remember In elementary school when we would have substitute teachers; there would be a huge T.V. not flat screen rolled into the classroom, one with the huge box on the back that must weigh a ton. The Subs would insert VHS Tapes of nature documentaries and everyone would be so annoyed that we had to watch them but I always looked forward to them, not wanting to take my eyes away from the pixelated screen showing the same tapes that we all had watched many times before. I still have DVDs my parents would buy for me, these nature documentaries about ocean animals, arctic and Savanah. Honestly its pretty weird that that's what a kid wanted to watch but I would sit there and watch them every weekend even after everyone was sleeping. The interest has since faded, and will I always love animals yes but sad to say much more trivial things have taken its place. Fashion, partying or going out with friends, and watching a whole lot of Tv with very little educational value. Im sure many years from now I'll find the dusty DVDs laying around my parents house and watch them for nostalgia but the kid who used to be in awe by these animals hasn't been around for a while.