My old title was how does curiosity affect me and My new title is what is spiritual matter? My rationale for changing is because my old title was basic and I needed a stronger title that can fit This title is more better because its very different from all my other post.

Growing up as a kid dealing with curiosity I was very skeptical in my learning environment I wasn’t really developed to learn something that actually interested me in terms of the new learning environment I was thought in school.

So I started to ask myself random questions that I never knew the answers to until I started to do research myself and figured out the best ways to achieve my learning ability and experience and make it something that resembles who I was as a person in terms of my education and I found my passion with observing the world as the climate changes and how its made me realize how fast the world has changed from what it used to be till now at that moment I realized I was capable and I knew what my strengths of interest was not being able to give up on what I had a passion for and that was my learning and what I was able to become interested in something I can share with others who possible wouldn’t know how learning can be hard as soon as it reaches your mind but once you find inner peace and do research for yourself everything seems like it makes sense in a way.

I became a thoughtful person and knew what my ideas value in terms of how I approached my goals and overcome my fears in a way.

curiosity wasn’t stopping me from achieving my goals it was more so the time I desired to put into my thoughts to overcome that phase in that specific time frame overall I felt successful for myself and I achieved more than I can ever imagine.

I was a very capable and smart person I just choose my options wisely before I start something more creative with my own mindset.