I have been a curious lad as far as I can remember, always asking questions and trying to learn about things. I wanted to know about everything I laid eyes and ears on. How the world works? Why things happen? Why things don’t happen? Why are you reading this? I’ve always had a lot of questions even if I didn’t always get answers. I would sometimes annoy people as well with my need to know things. Science, art and technology fascinated me but I wasn’t only limited to generalised topics. I’ve spent a good part of my life gathering knowledge. Almost everything and anything can interest me. You could even say I am curious about curiosity itself. Morbidly curious, I believe it is the word. Thats what curiousity has always been for me. It has taken me to places I never thought existed and made me see things I would never have thought possible.

But if I did have to say there is something I have always been interested in it would be video games. As a kid, sitting on my father’s lap watching him play games like Mario and Space Invader amused me more than anything else. I played a lot of double player video games with my younger brother as well. I was always player one of course. The kids in the neighbourhood would also come over to play since I was one of the very few people with a PC in the early 2000s. In an age where the internet was not as prevailent, what ever games I had I would play them until I knew them like the back of my hand. It really fascinated me and I wanted to make it my whole life. The intricacies that go into making a video game is still something I believe cannot be achieved by any other form of media. I’ve been lucky to have a lot of friends who were interested in games as well. Discussing with them definitely strenghtened my interest in video games. We would ask questions about difficult sections of games little known facts and sometimes argue over our preferences and the best methods of approach, listening and discussing strategies then going back home to try them out myself. We would even discuss about the meaning and philosophy behind the stories in video games. I couldn’t possibly describe everything we talked about but I loved these discussions. It fueled my passion and I always wanted to know more.

While the sentiments may not have been exactly the same as they were in America, video games were blamed for a lot of things that went wrong in my country as well. Educational system did not affect my interest much but if anything gaming was not encouraged in regards to education. My parents have always blamed video games whenever my grades were not satisfactory. Even if I got hurt or there was an accident video games would take the blame. There have been times when my father would set no gaming as a condition if I wanted anything from him. It was very much an interested sustained in spite of the odds. The only reason I am still interested in video games and probably because of the friends I had and how good I am at gaming. Knowing myself this is probably an interest I will take to my grave and I hope it is something worth while.