What Makes Me Curious? Assignment

Curiosity is definitely something that changed over the course of my life. As a kid, I was often curious about everything, especially animals and science. Now, not so much. I remember that as a kid, I was often curious about the concept of life and how it’s changed so much over time. In middle school, I stayed in the science room as a monitor every lunch and took care of fish and watched them lay eggs, hatch, and repeat the process. I was amazed by how the offspring would have remnants of their parents such as certain patterns and instincts. Now, I would still consider myself curious, but not to the same extent. If I saw a photo or video on social media that captured my attention, I would just acknowledge it. I would only search it up if I really couldn’t believe it. Otherwise, it didn’t really affect me and I wouldn’t care too much.

My curiosity has changed and grown over the years because I feel like that’s part of maturing as a person. You have the time and ability to be curious and wonder what a dinosaur with lasers would look like on Google, but I feel like at some point you need to grow up and I feel like I’m at that point. My curiosity usually concerns stuff like music, art, news, or current events. The education system definitely played a role too. As a kid, I was very curious. I would always ask questions and my teachers would disregard them or answer them in simplicity since I was always curious. I was even recommended to be put in a CDC class, but the doctors did not diagnose me with ADHD or ADD. I had to learn to limit my questions and curiosity and that definitely played a role in growing up. I would sometimes be intimidated to ask questions in class.

I am still interested in animals and stuff like that, but a lot less. I think it’s mainly because of maturing, but I think I have a pretty good grasp on how. It was around freshman year of high school when I had living environment as a science course. There, I learned more about living organisms, but my teacher was really boring so nobody was motivated to learn about that topic, and eventually, so was my curiosity. My new interest fell in art in all genres such as visual, fashion, and especially music. I listened to music every day and never really cared about who the artist was until I really researched them and liked their story.

Although my curiosity about different topics has definitely changed over the years, that doesn’t mean I’m not curious. I still search for things to fact-check or see if a new species are real but at one point everybody’s curiosity will change to what’s present to them. Curiosity is influenced by the environment. How can you be curious about what planets are the largest if you have no idea what the concept of space is? Your curiosity can only point you so far without a spark to ignite the flame.