As a kid what has sparked my interest the most was cooking. I was very interested in culinary and always love to watch my mother cook. As I grew older I learned to love the beauty of cooking and baking. so I am still very much interested in that topic! Learning how to cup comes with a lot of questions do you need to ask how much of the ingredients you need and Specific times certain foods needed to cook. I would also look up recipes online and ask my mother why we are adding certain things and mixing other things together. over the years my curiosity has grown even more and I became more passionate. I begin wanting to learn how to cook even harder meals and wanted to be criticized based on my skills. The education system did not support my desire for cooking. in school we barely learned anything About culinary arts it was just straight math, history English and science. I do not like learning about these things because it was just not in my Interest zone. my interest has been very consistent and I’m glad I now have the time to get into cooking more!