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What Counts as Research??

We’re going to be talking a (whole!) lot this week / month about research. But before we get deep down in the weeds of Unit 2, let’s crowdsource our ideas/feelings/assumptions/experiences on research. So …

What does “research” mean to you?

Approach your response as you see fit, but some things you may want to consider:

  • What is research anyway?
  • Why would you want to research?
  • What counts as research?
  • When do you research in your own lives? (pro tip! it doesn’t always have to be in school!)
  • What are your feelings about research (& why)?


  1. Brandon Rivera

    To me, research means finding as much information as possible to support your point for whatever you are trying to support/argue for. The reason you would want to do research is to be able to find other people who agree with you and maybe develop your thoughts further than you would have otherwise. But sometimes that can be difficult since it could be difficult to find research that is credible and reliable. If I was reading an article that claimed to be true and later found out that the research used was something like Reddit or Wikipedia I would say that does not count as research or good research. As for my own personal research that I do on my own time it mostly comes down to new technology, cars, and video games. My feelings about research as a whole are overall positive because I think it is necessary to be able to detect if something that you read is credible and uses information that was not manipulated or altered.

  2. Jamani Anderson

    Research is the key to finding many sources of information from books and the internet.

    Research also gives you knowledgeable information which you may come across.

    something I want to research is which came first the earth or the sun.

    reliable information counts as research knowing your facts and being able to find key details or background information.

    I do research when I come across something interesting that I want to know more about in my daily life.

    My feelings about research strengthens my mind to focus more on the important key details and background information that I can possible use to understand the process of my writing.

  3. Holaly Dzakpa

    Research is like solving your curiosity on your own. What I mean you do not have to be told to do research, that’s what questions are for, it is the motivation inside you to receive a deeper understanding about said topic. Doing research mostly comes from confusion about a certain topic that immediately needs understanding.

    Anything can be counted as research as long as you are receiving new information in the process. Reading an article/book and learning something new, searching something online and finding out what you knew was wrong or even asking a question and having a friend tell the right answer or their opinion.

    Books can give you many unknown facts. The library isn’t always a place to go and read. Research to me is learning new things yourself instead of asking the same thing until getting an answer. I don’t like speaking up or asking questions. I prefer to go solo and research is better for me when I do it on my own.

  4. Henry Ren

    To me, research is a way of finding information to understand more about your curiosity or answer a question. It can also be used to strengthen further points you may have and help you know more about a specific topic. There are a lot of reasons why one may research since there are usually no negative effects of knowing more information other than researching the wrong topic. The reasons I stated were to help you understand more about a topic you may not be fully understanding of and/or help strengthen your claims by allowing you to sound more confident. Many things count as research. Research can count as just finding more information online or finding the answers yourself. Personally, outside of school, the only time I research is usually when my curiosity really peaks. When I see a video on youtube about something extraordinary such as a new species or something happening in space, I will most definitely search it up to see if it’s true and find more information about it. My feeling about research is that it’s a very positive thing. There’s no real negative connotation other than maybe searching for the wrong thing. Even so, you learn more about a topic you previously didn’t. ( Even if it’s the wrong thing you searched.)

  5. Neal Ross

    Research Is using all available sources of gathering information on a subject in order to know as much as you can before moving forward in exploration of that topic and possibly creating expansions, advancements or solutions. You would want to research to make sure any and all information you have and know is accurate and credible. To expand your knowledge to possibly guide further innovation or even for self satisfaction. Research is not so easily qualified in a single way. You can do hands on research by engaging with people, communities and the outside world. Research can me found in experimentation and studies to prove theories and hypothesis. Research can also be gathering knowledge from articles, papers, books and videos. I can consider trying to find new books I would be interested in as research, watching videos of reviews and looking for others opinions. My feelings toward research are very standoffish. I never liked doing research, scrolling through article after article for hours reading pages and pages of information that I have no interest in.

  6. Logan Aloise

    To me research is the idea of gathering information to help support ideas and belief in the universe. Research is the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. Research involves a planned procedure to continue to further understand an objective. Research impowers us from knowledge and we get to enrich our daily lives with the latest and greatest knowledge of health, nutrition, technology, and business, among others. Research allows you to pursue your interests, to learn something new, to hone your problem-solving skills and to challenge yourself in new ways.

  7. Khandoker

    What is a man but the sum of his thoughts. I personally believe no one can never truly know all there is to about anything. Research is essential, if not crucial, in all aspects of life. Research is can improve one’s knowledge, thinking and even way of life. We must learn not to be bound by our limited knowledge, ideals or way of thinking.

  8. Jill Belli

    Thanks all for these thoughts! Keep them coming (and feel free to reply to one another’s comments as well).

    We’re going to continue / expand the discussion of research here this week. Please complete the following activities by W 10/12 by 11:59pm.

    • READ + ANNOTATE this slideshow “What is Research?
    • Revisit last week’s reading, “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement” & freewrite (on your own) for 5-7 minutes about your experiences doing research projects. In a comment below, share some of that experience here with the class (and discuss others’ experiences in their comments).
  9. Jamani Anderson

    Some experiences I had over the years with research projects is that it holds a lot of information especially for group work with all impulsive ideas that we bring to come as one on this successful project. One project I did was more so of like a drawing and at least 5 paragraphs based on a book called greek mythology and the impacts behind the story and explain about the group of legends such as the gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters and warriors and how were they important to a everyday life in the ancient world.

    As I concluded all sorts of information throughout this huge project I came across something interesting I learned that legends of king midas and heroic hercules were apart of a tradition during the bronze age. So throughout this project it was very successful in a way I achieved to learned something new in ancient history times and also it lead me to know something interesting about how research starts and how much work you would have to put in to a research project.

  10. Tahani Rabah

    I feel as if anything counts as research. If it supports your topic of study then I believe it’s research. Research also consists of gathering evidence from other papers, online, you can also get research on topic from other classmates. Research is only opinion based you can most definitely get research off of opinions.

    • Khandoker

      Is research only opinion based? Facts and logical are definitely a huge part of research. Sometimes even fiction may contribute to research.

  11. Khandoker

    I have done a lot of research for various reasons. I have done research for myself and others. I also had a proficiency for fixing things so, friends and family would often call upon me to fix their technological woes. These experiences helped me a lot. Fixing electronic components often forced me to research on the obscure and bizzare problems I was presented with. I always try to learn about any issue I am facing and then look for possible solutions or tutorials I can follow. Often these problems would be pretty niche and have little info or no tutorials on the web, requiring a lot of digging. This allowed me learn about various related information from which I could at least potentially piece together what was actually wrong even if I could not fix it . Researching like this gave me knowledge about things I had never even heard of and allowed me to understand problems better than if I were to just follow a simple tutorial. I now have a lot of technical knowledge on a computer and have also gotten much better at finding stuff on the internet.

  12. Henry Ren

    Looking back at my previous response, I agree with what I had first said, but I have a stronger grasp of understanding. In addition, I’d like to add to the fact that research gets stronger as you get more in-depth with your topic. Research can also branch into different categories that can serve different purposes.

  13. DavidP

    To me, research is the studying of a topic looking for the closest thing to an objective answer to a question as possible. This assessment, however, may have many different interpretations depending on the topic at hand. In terms of what I would like to research, I’d say that researching the downward trend of video game quality from some AAA studios over the past decade or two would be very interesting. I believe that it would bring to light a lot of the negative parts of the game making process that a lot of people don’t know about. For what counts as research, anything would do as long as it can be proven with data. This data must be something that is observable (any of the five senses) in some way which is why objectivity is so important. Whenever I research, it is usually about a game to see if it is worth playing. When I do research a game, I actively avoid reviews and instead opt to see gameplay of the game or read a summary of the story made by the creator(s). This allows me to interpret given info from my own perspective and come to my own conclusion on if I want to spend my time and money on a game. As for what I feel about research as a whole, it is a necessity for discovering the truth about anything. However, it is tedious to do. Especially if the topic that you’re researching is one that isn’t well understood or studied since you would have to do whatever testing or studying that is necessary yourself if no one else has done it. Overall, research isn’t fun to do unless it is on something you are passionate about.

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