Logan Aloise

Professor Jill Belli

Due 9/30/2022

“A talk to teachers”

I believe that James Baldwin wants us to understand when he says, “The world is larger?”. He is trying to convey that there is never a stopping point to one’s knowledge. Knowledge is not limited to any place or time it is timeless its something that will always be carried on throughout generations. There are so many places in this world that are unexplored and beautiful that is a breathless experience. Knowing this means that not everyone has the time patients or dedication to complete these tasks to an extreme. We all understand knowledge and exploring differently whether it be reading a book or staring at a rock we are learning in some way, shape, or form. No matter what day it happens to be everyone may not want to learn but everyone is curious, and you gain knowledge from it. You take your new information and go through the process of restrictions and growth of our learning. When you want to know something, and you never can find the answer to it only grows you more because u find out more information along the path of trying to understand your one question. Never hold yourself back on learning and growing if you are trying to find information about a certain topic you should look it up to help better yourself. In the real world it may be hard for people to always know all our answers. If I am curious about something the first thing I do it go onto the internet and try to find it that way. Some things I’m curious about is what the world would look like after 1000 years from now? How will people advance? What will the jobs, cars, people look like in the future? Why is the sky blue?