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Week 6: Monday, September 26 – Sunday, October 2

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It feels weird to be making a mid-week Weekly Announcement post, but remember, that’s because of the Schedule changes in the college calendar. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, and that you are entering this new school week a bit more restored and recharged!

First off, thanks for all the Education Narrative (Unit 1) final draft submissions! I’m reading through them and will be in touch next week with information on grades and feedback.

Since we just finished our first formal assignment (and a full month of classes), it’s a good time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Therefore, you should begin this week’s work with the Student Check-In Survey & Reflection (this work is completed via a Google Form, just like with our first survey of the semester, and the link is provided on the Schedule page).

I’m also introducing our second major assignment of the semester (Unit 2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography), which is focused on research as discovery. For this unit, you’ll be developing your own research question and proposal, conducting research, evaluating your sources, learning proper citation / attribution, and presenting your work. We’re NOT going to be writing a full research paper, but you will be sharing the work through the Reflective Annotated Bibliography (RAB). Wait … what’s a reflective annotated bibliography??

Learn all about it in the Unit 2 assignment, which you will read & annotate as part of this week’s work. We’ll be discussing this as a class together next week, so there will be an opportunity to do a deep-dive into it then and ask plenty of questions. I’ll be sharing specific deadlines then too, but don’t worry — we’ll have about a month to be working on it all! Even though you have the whole assignment now, there are a number of steps to this unit, and as always, it’s important to stay on task and do them in the order presented (as each one leads to the next, and there will be workshops, discussions, resources, and feedback along the way to help you with the work). So for now, you should simply make sure you digest the assignment, and you can also start thinking about something that interests you that you may want to research.

Also on the menu this week is another short reading and annotations in Perusall, and you’ll be writing your own reading response blog. Before you write this blog, please review my Writing Workshop on Blogging, and make sure you also review your previous work and make any corrections as needed.

As this a shorter week, we only have one set of deadlines, Friday (9/30) at 12pm, so you’ll see everything listed on the Schedule for then (yup, don’t forget that the Schedule page is the go-to for all details about all-the-things!).

As always, though, make sure to do things in order: you should start with Check-In Survey and Reflection, then move on to reading + annotating the Unit 2 assignment, then reviewing / participating in my blogging workshop, and then posting your reading response blog for “A Talk to Teachers.” If you skip steps (or do them out-of-order), your work won’t be as successful as it would otherwise, since you need what we cover and you practiced in the previous step for each successive one.

Last but not least, a friendly reminder that this Thursday (tomorrow!) is a CUNY Monday, which means I won’t be holding my regular Thursday office hours.

Thanks all, and, of course, feel free to reply below with any questions you might have (or just to say hi, or share words of encouragement to your classmates). And have a wonderful week 🙂


  1. Khandoker

    Good afternoon Professor. I had a question here.

    “Before you write this blog, please review my Writing Workshop on Blogging, and make sure you also review your previous work and make any corrections as needed.”

    Would this be referring to all the posts we have made on this course site or anything else. I’d appreciate some clarification and any further explaination you could provide, thank you.

    • Jill Belli

      Thanks Khandoker for the question. The post/link didn’t come through before, but it should have now. You can find the link on the Schedule page, and the Blogging Workshop post explains everything you need to know.. Let me know if for some reason you still can’t see it, and I’ll troubleshoot further.

  2. Jamani Anderson

    Good Morning Professor Jill Belli, I have a question Do we research any question that comes to mind about the article A talk to teachers or it can be something else?

    • Jill Belli

      Hi Jamani! I want to make sure I understand what you’re asking.

      Are you asking about the blog post in response to “A Talk to Teachers”? If so, there is a specific prompt to guide you in your blog (that is listed on the Schedule).

      Or do you mean the research topic for the upcoming Unit 2 assignment (that we haven’t formally started yet)?

      • Jamani Anderson

        I mean for the research topic for upcoming unit 2 assignment that we haven’t started yet.

        • Jill Belli

          You will be able to choose your own topic (in consultation with me). We’ll be spending a lot of time discussing the assignment as a class next week and brainstorming / refining topics then.

  3. Jamani Anderson

    Another question I had in mind was does the unit 2 assignment have to be in APA format?

    • Jill Belli

      We will be using MLA (Modern Language Association), which is what English typically uses. As I mentioned, next week we’ll be reviewing the assignment in detail and discussing it as a class (in another post), so that will be a good place / time to ask questions like these 🙂

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