Hi everyone,

A friendly reminder that the next two weeks have some schedule changes that affect our work in this course. Below I’ve outlined these changes, and what they mean specifically for us.

According to the City Tech Academic Calendar, there are no classes scheduled for this coming Monday, 9/26 and Tuesday, 9/27.

Since we follow the college calendar, this means that the Week 6 Announcement post and the Schedule updates will happen next week on Wednesday morning (9/28) instead of Monday. Of course, as it is an abbreviated week, we won’t have anything due that same day (as we usually do on Wednesdays), and we’ll have less work than a normal full week.

Please note that, because there have been a few recent Monday holidays, next Thursday (9/29) will follow a Monday schedule. That means that Thursday classes will not meet on that day because it is a CUNY Monday (even though in the ”real world” — everywhere else — it is a Thursday!). This means that I won’t be holding my Office Hours on Th 9/29.

[My next regularly scheduled office hours will be Thursday, 10/6. If you need to see me next week for any reason, you can always email me to set up a Zoom meeting at another time (make sure to include all of your availability in the email, along with what you’d like to discuss).]

I know that these ”CUNY conversation days” (when one day becomes another in the CUNY-verse!) can be confusing, so I wanted to share this explanation. If you have any questions, you can always ask them by commenting below.

A heads-up, too, that the following week (the week of 10/3) is also a truncated week: there are no classes scheduled for Tuesday, 10/4 & Wednesday, 10/5. The work will be lighter that week too as it’s another short week, but I’ll be making the Week 7 Announcement post and Schedule updates that Monday (10/3) as usual, and holding my Office Hours on Thursday, 10/6 as planned.

You can find the Fall 2022 Academic Calendar and Meeting Grid linked from the top of our Schedule page (look to the last bullet point). On the Schedule, I also list all of these (and other!) important dates for each Week under ”Important Dates.” I encourage you to look ahead, and add them to your own calendars!