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Extension for Unit 1 Final Draft!

Happy Thursday evening! I know you’ve all been working really hard, so I have a gift for you!

I am extending the deadline for final drafts of the Education Narrative (Unit 1) from tomorrow (Friday, 9/23) at noon to Saturday (9/24) at midnight. This gives you an extra 1.5 days to work on your revisions! Yay!

I have updated the dates on the Schedule and the Dropbox link. Do make sure to get your work in by the extended deadline, Saturday, 9/24 at 11:59pm, as I won’t be accepting work submitted after that time.

If you’ve already submitted your final draft but want to take some extra time to revise, no worries — feel free to submit an updated version to Dropbox and then send me an email so I know to ignore the earlier version. And if you’ve already submitted (or plan to submit tomorrow morning) and feel confident about your final version, that’s fine too. Just know that the time is there if you need / want it.

Happy revising, and happy extra time to finish 🙂


  1. Khandoker

    Thanks a lot Professor Belli! Reduces a lot of stress.

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