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Week 5: Monday, September 19 – Sunday, September 25

Happy Monday everyone, and happy Week 5!

Thanks for all of your hard work last week composing your first drafts of your Education Narrative, and then peer-reviewing your classmates’ drafts! Hopefully you enjoyed reading one another’s work, found the feedback from your classmates useful, and are feeling inspired to improve your writing 🙂

This week, we’re continuing to work on these drafts, with an eye towards the final draft submission this coming Friday. Writing is a process, and it takes a number of steps to get from first to final draft. With that in mind, this week is all about revision!

I’ve shared a number of strategies and resources with you to help you throughout the revision process. We’re also revisiting the Education Narrative readings and Class Discussion, to continue to learn about about the genre and what makes it successful. Finally, we’re examining rhetoric, the rhetorical situation, and rhetorical appeals/strategies/choices in detail — this Workshop will help you to be more intentional and aware about how you communicate through your writing.

Being intentional and aware of how you communicate through your writing is not just for formal assignments though: it applies to anytime we speak or write. To practice these skills further and put what we’ve learned into action, we’ll be exploring the genre of email & you’ll be sending me an email as part of this work.

The Schedule page, as always, has more details about all this work.

Comment below with any questions. Thanks all, and have a wonderful week!

*If you’d like to get additional individualized feedback on your writing, come to my Office Hours and/or visit City Tech’s Writing Center — these are both wonderful resource for you!

*Don’t miss the Final Draft deadline (Friday, 9/23 at 12pm) — I do not accept late assignments! [Note: there may be an opportunity to revise for a higher grade later in the semester, but only if you turn in a final draft for Unit 1 on Friday]

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  1. Jill Belli

    Pinging this thread with the final draft extension (yay!). For more details, see the post I made about that just now:

    Tomorrow (Friday) daytime we’ll continue the discussions around writing as process, revision, rhetoric, and the education narrative genre in the relevant Writing Workshops and Class Discussion posts, so I’ll “see” you there. In the meantime, happy revising all 🙂

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