Back in middle school in my 8th grade year i was just barley making passing grades in my class i was ready to drop out and say screw it all. But for some reason i woke up this one day determined to go in and put my all into my school work. i arrived at school in my uniform white polo shirt with my khaki pants and a red bubble jacket and i had my hair in a very neat ponytail. I the bell had just rang all the kids were coming up from breakfast some still rushing to finish their food others just making there way to there classes . You can tell the fall had begun everyone walked around with sweaters and jackets on because the schools heat had not been turned on yet. i step into class at 9;15 where my math teacher stood he had on a salmon color button up with black slacks, he started to go on about the new task we would be working on. He began to hand out the assignment as soon as my paper hit my desk my body just felt heavy and everything felt like it grew around me and i shrunk mr.valarie the math teacher continue to go on explaining how to complete the task and some students chatting with each other at the table behind me. the dull light barley fills the classroom .

As i look to my left i notice the method mr.valarie does on the board to solve the problems it made it look weirdly easy . so i looked to my right and reached for my calculator and got to working the more problems i solved the easier i realized it was . What i realized is when i set my mind to wanting to improve something or be better at something i push myself until i get it. This has gotten me to take my education way more seriously and accomplish way more .