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Week 3: Monday, 9/5 – Sunday, September 11

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday!

I hope that you enjoyed the long weekend, and also that you’re all caught up with the work and are ready to hit the ground running. We’re now into Week 3 of the semester!

I’ve been reading through all the work you’ve been posting and submitting so far (it’s looking good!), and will be posting additional comments & feedback on it throughout this week.

This week we’re laying the groundwork for our first formal assignment, Unit 1: Education Narrative. The final draft of this assignment isn’t due for a few weeks, but we’re starting to get into it now, with related readings, discussions about its genre, and brainstorming/freewriting/drafting content for the unit. Remember, writing is a process, and it’s important to engage with all the steps along the way to be successful.

As always, all the information for this week’s work, with all all details/links, is on the Schedule page. The work is broken down into two sections, and it’s also cumulative, so make sure to do the assignments in the order they are listed there. You’ll notice that most of the work is due later this week (on Friday), since we have a shorter week due to yesterday’s holiday.

I’ll be posting some “Writing Workshops” this week, so stay tuned for additional content on Writing as Process, Annotations, and Blogging. I’ll add “comments” here when that content goes live, with links on where to find all of that.

Finally, looking ahead to next week, we’ll be revisiting the Unit 1 assignment (breaking down exactly what’s required and how to do it) and working on first drafts of the education narrative. We’ll also be discussing how to write and communicate effectively, with a focus on the rhetorical situation, and rhetorical concepts / strategies.

Ok, that’s everything for now. I look forward to discussing these new readings with you and seeing your responses to them, hearing your thoughts about the education narrative genre, and learning about the specific incidents in your lives that impacted your views on education.

Don’t forget I’m here to support you! After reading through everything, if you have any questions about this week’s work, please reply here with a “comment.”

You’re also welcome (and encouraged) to attend my Office Hours to discuss your work in the course. In addition to my regular weekly Office Hour this Thursday, 9/8 (11:30am-12:30pm), I’ll be holding a pop-up Office hour this week on Wednesday, 9/7 from 2:00-3:00pm. Hopefully you can make one of those options, but if not, you can always email me to set up another time to meet.

*If you’re not caught up with the first two weeks of work, it’s super-important that you email me and (ideally) come see me in my Office Hours ASAP to discuss your work/status in the course. I’ve been reaching out to folks individually about progress in the course, and I’ll continue to do so over the next few days.


  1. Tahani Rabah

    Where would we summit the essay/ draft?

  2. Jill Belli

    Thanks Tahani for your question. As I mentioned in this post, we’ll be going over the Unit 1 assignment in more detail next week — information about draft due dates and submission links will be discussed / provided then. This week we’re working on the initial stages of the unit, especially better understanding the genre of the education narrative.

  3. Khandoker

    Hey Professor Belli, I am sorry for being a little behind on work. I believe I had emailed you about my circumstances and am well on my way to getting things sorted out. I am confident I will be able to complete work on time from now on but catching up on due work is becoming a little tricky.

    Also how do I schedule a zoom meeting with you? Do I just enter the zoom during office hours and wait or do I make an appointment before hand (if so letting me know how to do so would be greatly appreciated). Thanks for your time and I hope you will provide some consideration for the missed work from the previous weeks.

    • Jill Belli

      Thanks for your message Khandoker — glad you are getting caught up with the work! My office hours are first-come, first-served, so you can just join during the scheduled times (you may have to wait in the waiting room for a while, if I am already with another student). I have the pop-up Office Hour today from 2-3pm, and then my regular weekly office hour tomorrow from 11:30am-12:30pm.

  4. Nathalia

    Good evening professor belli this is nathalia blackman I am sorry for not participating in the discussion but I have been having trouble with my city tech email. I will get the previous work done and handed in asap.

    • Jill Belli

      Thanks for your message Nathalia — so good to hear from you!

      You do need your City Tech email to register for an OpenLab account (which you need to officially join this course site, and to be able to post blogs). Below you will find information for how to access your City Tech email.

      Please note that you can also access this course site without being logged into the OpenLab (it is public), so you can still read all the content here, submit many assignments (such as the diagnostic, student survey, comments), and do all the readings (and annotations on Perusall, for which you need a separate account) even without your City Tech email.

      Access Your College Email 

      Step 1. Visit to verify your username.

      Step 2. After confirming your username, go to Your password is First initial of your first name (capitalized), First initial of your last name (lower case), your date of birth (D.O.B.) in the format MMDDYYYY and the last 4 digits of your EMPL ID.

      Example: Joe Doe birthday 9/7/1968, EMPL last 4 digits 9367 has the password Jd090719689367

      After inputting this default password, you can set a new password. 

      Step 3. Click on the green Verify Now button and verify your phone and email information. Then, set up the security questions to allow you to reset your password in the future, in case you forget it.

      Step 4. After successfully setting up your account, visit and log in to your email using your username and new password.

      Recover Your City Tech Email Account

      If you already set up your email account, but forgot your password, don’t worry.

      If you encounter any difficulty, please contact the Student Help Desk: / (718) 260-4900 / Library Building (L-114).

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