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My first educational conflict.

On my first day of college was already nervous enough. I already didnt know what to expect where to go, and how i was going to make any friends. Starting my actual school day I didnt think it was bad at all, it was the basic first day materials. Until I got into my class long class period. Its two hours long, with no breaks. Thats when I started to feel the pressure. Time was very slow but my teacher pace was very fast. Thats when I realized college was nothing like high school.

Now you may be wondering how something so small had such a big effect on me. To start off I was very overwhelmed. It was such a big change in class room environments. I didnt expect to go into math on the first day and hear we would be having weekly quizzes and a homework assignment the day of and because of how fast my teacher talks i couldnt pick up any knowledge. I started to ask myself “this is a 2 hour class and I still dont understand?” I became unmotivated. I dislike that class and I never want to be there just because I know that everything in that class moves fast and even if I ask questions I still dont understand. I began to realize that this learning environment is stressing me and is not for me

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  1. Holaly Dzakpa

    Hi Tahani, I am also a college freshman and you’re right, I was lost too. College is nothing like high school. The work is tough and from the first day you are treated like an adult. Professors will leave you alone to do your own thing and whatever you decide is what will happen. It’s up to you whether to pass or fail your class subjects and asking the professor to repeat is not as easy as high school teachers. But don’t give up, I am also scared but the college experience will only get easier.

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