In his article, Mike Bunn writes “You are already an author.” He’s talking to you. What do you think he means by this? When Mike Bunn said “You are already an author” he was talking about the reader and how they write things in their normal life even if it’s an idea, journal/diary, social media post or text makes them an Author. I think he means this because that would make you the author of your own story. Everything you text,email and post creates a narrative of you that people read and imagine. In the same way that when you read a book the author creates a story with details the readers can imagine. In my life I thought I didn’t write much; it was never really my thing. After taking another look I wrote more than I thought I would. I realized writing isn’t online writing books and essays it’s also anything you write for yourself or that you put out in the world. My social media posts create a narrative of me to the world. My text makes a narrative of me to the people close to me. Even with the post in this class we are reminded of what we post is public so what we post on openlab creates a narrative of us in this very class. This can help me in my college writing and reading career by helping me grow a better understanding of the effect writing has and the importance of reading carefully to where I can write and use more writing techniques that I learn from the authors I read and practice in the essays I write. I normally have an issue getting my point across in a clear way. I sometimes spread into other topics without knowing and it makes it hard for people to understand what I’m trying to say and I believe this can help with that.