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A bit about me


A post introducing myself to the class.

Good day to everyone reading. My name is Khandoker Saadman Shihab, but my friends call me Khando. I am an international student from Bangladesh and I have just begun my freshman year at City Tech. I am not very good at introductions probably because I don’t feel like there is much to say about myself but will try my best.

I am 21 years old and have been studying under the British curriculum all my life. I gave my IGCSE (8th grade) exams in 2016 and my A level (Highschool) exams in 2019 from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I don’t particularly like studying but I love gathering knowledge. My friends say I have a lot of knowledge about random things, probably because I spend a lot of time on the internet. I do like staying at home and relaxing but I always feel like going outside at least once everyday. I enjoying going outside and hanging out with friends. We usually find something fun to do.

I also love playing video games and even played professionally for a while. I have been interested in video games since I was a toddler and would often watch my dad play games until I could try them out myself. I am into competitive online games, so hit me up if you want to play together. I also like sports, though recently I have not been able to make much time for it. I love playing soccer, so let me know if anyone is down to play.

My family includes my father, my mother and my younger brother, who annoys me to no end. My brother also shares my love of gaming and I believe is better at it than I am. I am currently not in the States yet but will be arriving soon in a few days. Until then a view from my balcony is all you get.

A view from my balcony

Wish me luck on my travels. I hope to meet you all soon and get to know you guys better as the semester progresses. Good luck and have fun. :]


  1. Jiachengzhao

    Nice to meet you, Kandoker
    Your introduction was really good and really interesting, I also love playing video games and it’s interesting to know that you even played professionally. I’ve never really been to too many places, so it’s always interesting to meet individuals like you.
    Good luck on your travels!

    • Khandoker

      Thanks a bunch! Hope to I get to know you guys better.

  2. Henry Ren

    Nice to meet you. I hope you have a safe travel.

  3. Jill Belli

    Thanks Khandoker for your Introduction (and for sharing your balcony view with us!) — like Jiacheng, I feel like I learned a lot about you. It definitely seems like a lot of my students are into video games but wow, playing professionally … impressive!

    • Khandoker

      Thanks for the kind words professor Belli! means a lot.

  4. Jill Belli

    You’re welcome!


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