Hey everyone ! My name is Jayleen, I graduated from Williamsburg Prep high school. This is my first year at city tech and of college. I’m ecstatic on what this school has to offer me and the new relationships I can form with my fellow peers and professors.

I did have the chance to graduate from high school early so i did. And I took the time for myself and started teaching myself guitar. Im in loveeee with music, indie, rock, pop, r&b, rap….im hispanic so i also grew up listening to latin music. Another thing i love is sunsets and taking pictures of them. Im a dog person and I have the cutest morkie pup. I grew up right here in brooklyn, and I wanted to study close to home. As for my summer, it was a really chill summer I spent time with my friends and family, I also did summer youth online which was nice. I’ve enjoyed reading some post so far and cant wait to read more!

p.s if you like the band The Marias, you have amazing taste in music 🙂

This is my dog