Professor Belli | Fall 2022 | City Tech

About Me.

My name is Brandon Rivera, I am a new student at City Tech and currently getting used to Blackboard and OpenLab, as I have never used them in the past.

During the summer I had a job via Summer Youth Program or also known as SYEP. I had fun; my job was to take a course, I got to learn about video editing, and managing a business, but most importantly, I was thought to try new things and explore many other hobbies to see what I like.

A couple of hobbies I currently have is SimRacing, Simulated racing is a racing game that mimics accurately auto racing, such as fuel usage, damage, tire wear and grip, and suspension settings. This allows me to enjoy my Formula 1 dreams and GT racing without spending the millions that are involved in Motorsports.

Overall, I am excited to start a new chapter in my education and looking forward to this year and my future at City Tech.

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  1. Jamani Anderson

    Cool Brandon Rivera I hope nothing but all success throughout your journey as a City tech student and summer youth program is a good program I use to work their as well throughout my high school years.

  2. Henry Ren

    Nice. The simulated racing seems very fun.

  3. Jill Belli

    Thanks Brandon for sharing a bit about yourself, and welcome to the course! I had no idea that SimRacing existed — interesting to learn about it here. I also love that you and Jamani already found a connection through your work at SYEP — a number of my students in my other class also were involved in that.

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