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Week 11: Monday, October 31 – Sunday, November 6

Hi everyone, and happy (Halloween!) Monday 🙂

This week I’ve decided to go back to a written announcement post, though I will incorporate more audio files going forward (I will also try to do a mix of both to accommodate different learning styles, preferences, and needs). Thanks to all for your feedback on that front!

As you know, this is the final week of Unit 2, and the entire week is devoted to finishing the content, compiling and revising the assignment, peer reviewing drafts, and then further revising, editing, and proofreading.

Hopefully you took my advice and have been working on the final source entry, conclusion, and compilation of the whole document, so you are reading to hit the ground running this week (that is all due by Wednesday at noon).

There are already additional resources posted in the Unit 2 Writing Workshop, and I’ll be making a Unit 2 Peer Review post Wednesday afternoon (after you submit your first drafts, and I can go in and create peer review groups and content based on submissions).

We are on a tight schedule this week, and it’s super-important that you submit your work on time. Please note that if you do not submit your first draft of Unit 2 by the deadline (12pm on W 11/2), you will not get the benefit of peer review on your work (though you will still be responsible for peer reviewing your classmates’ work).

But, in happy news, I have decided to extend the final deadline for the Unit 2 assignment from Friday, November 4th at 12:00pm to Sunday, November 6th at midnight (11:59pm), so you’ll have the entire weekend to continue to work on revisions and polish your work. Woohoo!!!

As always, all details are posted on the Schedule page.

I’m excited to see your projects reach the finish line, and I’m here to support you through this final Unit 2 push! If you have questions, drop a comment below, send me an email, &/or come to see me in my Office Hours.

If you need help or want to discuss anything, please make sure to be in touch with me as soon as possible (but definitely before Friday afternoon, as I won’t be checking email over the weekend, and the final draft is due Sunday night). We can always cover much more ground in a quick meeting than we can otherwise, so I encourage you to drop in to my Office Hours on Thursday (11:30am-12:30pm) to discuss your Unit 2 assignments &/or your midterm grades.

Don’t forget this week’s community-building activity!

What are your thoughts on Halloween? Love it? Hate it? Excuse to eat all-the-candy? Dressing up? Have kids or family members with whom you’re getting into the holiday spirit? Into ghosts & witches? Think the whole thing is a commodified waste of time / money? Have any Halloween traditions of your own?

You can share anything you’d like (including photos, links, stories, thoughts) that’s Halloween-related. The only requirement is that everyone should drop a comment here by EOD (end-of-day) Monday to get in the (spooky!) Week 11 discussion.

Thanks all, and have a wonderful week 🙂


  1. Indira

    Hello, I am glad you decided to extended the deadline for the assignment, thank you!! Well in regard of the Halloween, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. I just don’t participate on that celebration but whoever find fun on it I don’t judge them, some people look forward to meet with friends for dinner or to go to a party. For the kids is an opportunity to collect candies, I used to take my son when he was little for trick or treats until he were able to understands our believes, I didn’t feel right to force my little child to understand that we don’t celebrate Halloween, specially when the only thing the kids think is about the candy. But anyway whatever you did on the weekend, I hope you found joy.

  2. Jasper

    Hello Professor, thank you for extending the deadline to Sunday. I don’t really do much to celebrate Halloween.

  3. briansook

    Hello Professor thanks for extending the deadline thanks

  4. Doriani

    hey professor, I actually like Halloween, I like looking at all the costumes people come up with. Even though I don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, I still took my 2 year old sister to do it. Thanks for extending the deadline to Sunday.

    • Jill Belli

      What a lovely photo!

  5. Jayleen

    Hello, Halloween is okay I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I do love chocolates! This year I dressed up for my brother (star wars theme) and took him trick or treating. Thanks for the extension, it’s very helpful.

    • Brianna Santiago

      Me too , I also have my dog named Mia who this year I dressed her as a lady bug

  6. Lizbeth

    hello professor, thank you for extending the deadline! my family doesn’t really celebrate halloween but I guess its fun to see people dress up.

  7. Karen Hermita

    I love Halloween more because it’s the only day you can dress up extra without no one judging. This year we dressed up as monster inc more because my daughter learned to say boo, so it was exciting.

  8. Jill Belli

    Thanks for sharing your Halloween thoughts, & for all the extension gratitude (you’re welcome!). I’m not a big celebrator of Halloween either, but I do really enjoy horror movies. Any other scary movie fans out there?

    • Jasper

      Not a fan of scary movies. I prefer action movies or comedy movies.

  9. Jill Belli

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Unit 2 Peer Review is now live!

    Please view the Unit 2 Peer Review post I made (also linked from the Schedule) — if you have any questions on that assignment, drop a comment there.

    Thanks, & happy reading / revising 🙂

  10. Brandonyu

    Halloween is ok, not what it used to be I grown out of it just a fun thing to do for those who do Halloween things.

  11. Tyrese

    I don’t celebrate halloween , reason being it wasn’t part of my culture growing up and I think its kinda weird to take candy from strangers but that’s just how I was raised I guess.

  12. Tyrese

    I don’t celebrate halloween , reason being it wasn’t part of my culture growing up and I think its kinda weird to take candy from strangers but that’s just how I was raised I guess.

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