Hi everyone,

The college requires faculty to assign students “midterm grades” at the midway point of the semester, to give them an indication of how they are doing in the course overall.

The midterm grades are as follows:

P=Passing work
BL= Borderline
SA=Stopped Attending

Your midterm grades are available via the OpenLab Gradebook. You can access the OpenLab Gradebook two ways:

  1. Click on the link entitled “Check Your Grade” (under COURSE GRADEBOOK) on the right sidebar of our course homepage
  2. Go to your Dashboard on our course site and then going to OpenLab GradeBook (in left sidebar).

In either case, you need to be logged in to view your grades. An individual student’s grades are only visible to that student and to me.

Sometimes in OpenLab Gradebook I will leave comments with the grade. If so, the chat bubble will be darkened / blue — please make sure to click that and see my notes for further feedback.

If you received a BL (borderline), U (unsatisfactory), or SA (stopped attending) grade, I strongly encourage you to come to my Office Hours ASAP to discuss your work and progress in the course, and for us to develop strategies to make sure you are successful going forward.

Of course, anyone who received a P (passing) is also welcome to email me to schedule a conference. I’m happy to discuss your work and provide additional feedback on your writing and participation at any point in the semester.

Professor Belli