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Week 10: Monday, October 24 – Sunday, October 30

Hi everyone, and happy Monday 🙂

I’ve made an audio file for this week’s Announcement post … I hope you enjoy it!

Week 10 Announcement (Professor Belli)

Please listen & annotate, and then drop your questions & (required) comments below — you’ll find this week’s prompt at the end of the post. As always, all details are posted on the Schedule page.

*Please note the following correction: at the end of the file, I state that midterm grades will be posted on Thursday, 10/28 — Thursday’s date is actually 10/27.


  1. Indira

    Hello, hope you also had a great weekend. Thank you for the kinds words. I will continue giving my best on this class.

  2. Doriani

    Hey, thank you for posting the audio file. I think the audio file helps a lot because online class can be confusing. I think I’m doing better in unit two compare to unit 1. I’m having some trouble because I don’t know what some of my work should look like. I will like to discuss that on Wednesday office hours. I wished office hours where on Mondays so I that have all my questions answered by the first day of the week, but I do appreciate the office hours on Wednesday.

  3. Jasper

    Hello professor Belli,

    I prefer the written Announcement posts to the audio posts. The written posts are easier for me to follow.

    In the schedule for this week, you wrote, “Is your peer fulfilling the RAB “Road Map” requirements?” What is RAB?

    As of today, unit 2 has been going well. I have found a source that I was able to use in my first blog post. I will begin looking for a second source soon for the second blog post. I am thinking about looking into company financial data to see how that has changed since the addition of microtransactions to follow up from my blog post last week.

    • Jill Belli

      RAB = Reflective Annotated Bibliography (Unit 2)

  4. Lizbeth

    Hello, Professor Belli, thank you so much for the audio file. 

    For this unit I think I’m doing okay. It’s been a little hard finding sources for the bibliography. I have a feeling that I should redo my first bibliography because it’s not relevant to now, that article was published back in 1993. However, I was surprised to find that some of the information is still happening. My next focus is finding a new source for the second bibliography about Japan or Finland education system since I did the American system. 

    Hope everyone has a good week and if you taking midterm exams soon hope you do well!

  5. Jill Belli

    Thanks all for these updates on your progress, and for your feedback on the audio file.

    If you haven’t commented yet, please do so ASAP as it’s a required activity for the first half of this week’s work.

  6. Jill Belli

    Hi everyone! A heads-up that the peer review (that was due today at noon) is *not* optional. Everyone should be reading/commenting on their classmates’ work — this is an important (required) part of the low-stakes writing of the course (worth 30% of your overall course grade).

    Thanks to those of you who have completed the peer review (your comments are great!). If you have not already the peer review (on the three sets of posts — see the Schedule for details), make sure to do it ASAP.

  7. Jill Belli

    Hope everyone is doing well! Don’t forget to check out the new content in the Unit 2 Writing Workshop — this will help you as you work on additional source entries, compile the entire assignment for next week, and make revisions.

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