Professor Belli | Fall 2022 | City Tech

Curiosity by Brianna Brand


One main curiosity I have and still have to this day is Spirituality always found myself drawn to it for some reason, living in the Bronx my entire life watching street vendors sell eye bracelets and necklaces gold ritual jewelry god crosses and " what not". At the time I never knew what those things were I just knew i always ask my mom to buy me something from those spiritual vending tables. Growing up Afro-Latina having those things were normal, so I didn't think anything of it. Little did I know a few years to the future my mother told me stories about my grandmother after she passed away having all kinds of spiritual saints' jewelry stones crystals and much more. she even loved taking pictures. And now here I am collecting crystals and wanting to explore of it while being a freelance photographer so I guess you can say history repeats.

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  1. Jayleen

    That’s a very interesting way to get into learning more about spirituality. I myself have also been curious about it but haven’t had the chance to fully indulge in it. I’m glad you’re taking the time now to get into it.

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