Since I was a young boy there are many things that have interested me. Over the years my interest in many things has changed. For instance when I was younger my favorite thing to watch was wrestling (WWE) . I watched wrestling every week and even bought all the action figures.With age I just forgot about wrestling and haven't really kept up with the show.Most of the superstars that I watched have retired and no longer wrestle so it got very boring to watch since all the legends are no longer there. Now I am much older and my interests are now important things in life. I really love my car. I have done so many modifications to it to make it exactly what I want. My car is definitely something that is very important to me and I devoted a lot of time and money into it. Also I'm very interested in going to the gym and exercising. It helps me feel fit and much healthier compared to before when I wasnt exercising. I had less energy and kept feeling tired.since going to the gym I feel way more healthier now and I feel way more energized . As I got older I have been more focused on myself. I got more tattoos and completed an entire sleeve on my hand. When I was younger I wanted to be an engineer or a doctor but now my interest has changed and I want to become a police officer.