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What Counts as Research??

We’re going to be talking a (whole!) lot this week / month about research. But before we get deep down in the weeds of Unit 2, let’s crowdsource our ideas/feelings/assumptions/experiences on research. So …

What does “research” mean to you?

Approach your response as you see fit, but some things you may want to consider:

  • What is research anyway?
  • Why would you want to research?
  • What counts as research?
  • When do you research in your own lives? (pro tip! it doesn’t always have to be in school!)
  • What are your feelings about research (& why)?


  1. Lizbeth

    Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well:)

    Research to me means to gather information to create an understand of new knowledge so we can use it to generate new ideas and/or understandings about a topic.  The purpose of research is about exploring a topic that we aren’t familiar with, it contributes to developing new concepts. It helps answer questions we may have, it allows exploration, and expands your knowledge about a certain topic. Researching in our everyday life helps people become more aware of our surroundings such as the events that are happening around the world or about things we are interested in, and more. Now in days it’s very easy to access information because of the advancements of technology, people tend to stay informed with social media. I recently did research about hurricane Ian because of my curiosity, I wanted to know how impactful it would be, track where it would hit, and the damage it done. This information has allowed me to be aware of the events that are happening.  However, I believe that when we research, we must dig deep to achieve better understanding of new knowledge. I think that when I research it allows me to learn new skills that I can use in the future. Question: is the topic that we are researching about the education system? 

    • Jasper Cheung

      I agree with your point that research is used to satisfy our curiosities. I would be careful of information from social media. This information may be biased and usually has not been verified for authenticity

  2. Jayleen

    Research means to me that I look for facts and put them together to create a bigger idea. Researching helps me get straight facts like statics and data to help prove an idea or claim. Researching is when you look at multiple sources for something specific. For example, I can research on what type of hair product is better than the other for my curly hair. Research is very beneficial in this case because I would buy a product that’s good for my hair that won’t cause harm.

    • Lizbeth

      I agree, I believe that we research every day. It can be with things we want to discover or learn more about, it can also be when we have a question or need more information about something. Researching helps us get more knowledge about a topic.

  3. Mozeer

    Research to me means that a person is getting information about a topic by either reading or watching a video from a credible source. It also means that the person can also do their own studies in order to do their own research. I would want to research about things that I am interested in or if I had to do it for work or school. It is important to do research on things to be more informed and educated about the topic. You can spread the information to other people and compare your research and find out new things about it. Research counts as gathering information from credible sources and also comparing them with primary and secondary resources. Then it has to be formed and shaped in a way you can claim it as your personal research. The types of research I do in my daily life is for my work. I look up different things that can help the company grow such as methods. I like research but sometimes it gets hard trying to find credible sources. It also gets hard to find new things about the topic and getting more information about it.

  4. Jasper Cheung

    Research is the process of unbiased investigation to uncover new information. This can be conducted through investigation through already published works, or investigation through experimentation. For the purposes of this course and assignment, I will be assuming we are talking about the former. Research is important to expand our base of knowledge by uncovering new information. In our everyday lives, we research various things. Some things we research can be when debating topics with friends, or looking into topics that interest us.

  5. Jia Cheng Zhao

    Research to me is looking into something through any means. You would want to research into topics that either interests you, benefits you or well whenever you’re told to. I think anytime you look for information regarding something, then you’re doing research. Examples are when you’re curious about some random topic and you just google it real quick, or when you’re looking for strategies in video games. What most people think of when you say research is when you do research for a project or something super important, but it doesn’t have to be. I personally mostly do research in school/school related subjects, and I think researching is a rather fun thing to do. Although it could be a pain sometimes when you just can’t find the information you want.

  6. Indira

    Research to me is looking for answers, it is investigate about something you are interesting to know about. It is to bring different opinions, facts, sources in order to satisfy your curiosity or to expand your knowledge on a specific topic. To know about a topic we will need to spend a lot of time reading and exchanging opinions of people who have already researched the topic and then draw our own conclusions. I would like to research and understand more about creation and evolution, it is a very difficult and sensitive topic and I am scare to find information that can change my beliefs of many years.

    • Mozeer

      Indira, I feel the same way about research and it seems that you have a different perspective for research and I agree!

      • Brianna Santiago

        I agree as well .

  7. briansook

    Research means looking up ideas to prove your claim and declare your side of the argument. Before writing a paper you need to support your ideas by first getting research done and help support your ideas. In my opinion research is very essential and helps develop a great paper because it helps to clarify and support your claims

    • Brianna Santiago

      I never thought of research in that way , reading your point of view made me really have an open mind,

  8. Karen Hermita

    For me, research means digging more deeply into a specific question where you have statistics and different opinions to create an answer for yourself. I like to research whenever I have a query where I have to be sure of my answer because it can impact my life. For example, right now, I am researching what my toddler already needs to learn and how to begin introducing words. For me, research is calming because I know with the knowledge I am getting out of it, I am implementing it in my life. 

    • Jayleen

      Hi Karen, I agree with you on research can help you have more serenity and security in something you want to implement in your life. I do that too with learning new hairstyles I grew up straightening my hair but now I let my natural curls out and sometimes I feel stuck on different hairstyles I can do. For example, asking hairstylists or watching hairstylists on youtube helps me build more confidence in myself to learn more and implement new products or techniques into my hair routine.

    • Lizbeth

      I never thought of research like that but I agree, it’s about digging deep to get answers to your questions and it helps you gain more knowledge about something you are unfamiliar with. 

  9. pedro gomez

    Research is when you look up information about something you want to know more about or something you know nothing about. Research helps people get a better understanding of their ideas and opinions since they would have evidence to back them up. I personally don’t mind researching since it’s usually something I am not too Knowledgeable on, and I enjoy learning new things.

    • Brianna Santiago

      Hi pedro , I totally agree research for the ,most part people research what they want to know and get evidence to the answers of the questions they have.

  10. Tyrese

    Research is to go and find more information or background on a topic of your choosing. It is going into history of what topic you are on and how it created. I research stuff I don’t know or what to know more about , recently I have been researching more about gold and how many penny weights you need for a chain or how many ounces, I go from jewelers to the internet to older folks to collect multiple data. I personally love research because it’s opening your mind to more facts and the more you know the better you are in life

    • Indira

      Hi Tyrese, I think your research about gold and penny is pretty interesting. I never thought to research about this stuff and it is funny, we use jewelry all the time and would be cool to know about it.

  11. Brianna Santiago

    Hi everyone , ok so research to me is trying to get more knowledge/ really investigating what you wanna know or of a topic.You or anyone would want to research to get a better understanding of the topic you don’t know much about then the answer to some of the questions you may have during your research.Also fell like research Is like ones curiosity being explored as well as the research.I researched in my life for example a quick story my dad got sick when I was 10 I believe and didn’t really understand why he got sick or what was making him sick so out of curiosity I began to do my research.At the time I didn’t have access to the internet so right after elementary school I would beg my mom to take me to the library to research why he was sick .I did that not only to get the answers I was looking for but to ask questions.In our lives we research to get answers ,fully understand something, or to develop meaningful questions.

    • Mozeer

      Brianna, Im so sorry you have gone through that and I hope your father is doing well now. It was cool to see how you were doing research at such a young age.

    • Indira

      Sorry to hear about your dad, I am sure at that short age you must had tons of questions and was confuse. I am agree the way you think about research.

    • Lizbeth

      hey Brianna, im so sorry that happen to you, I really hope he is okay now. At a young age, you discovered how to research and what it means getting answers to your question.

  12. Jill Belli

    Thanks all for these thoughts! Keep them coming (and feel free to reply to one another’s comments as well).

    We’re going to continue / expand the discussion of research here this week. Please complete the following activities by W 10/12 by 11:59pm.

    • READ + ANNOTATE this slideshow “What is Research?
    • Revisit last week’s reading, “Research Starts with a Thesis Statement” & freewrite (on your own) for 5-7 minutes about your experiences doing research projects. In a comment below, share some of that experience here with the class (and discuss others’ experiences in their comments).
  13. Brandonyu

    Research to me is, the investigation of materials and information to confirm facts to reach the appropriate conclusion. The research into something gets you a better understanding for you to create an answer. I would research something on history, the history of the world is an interesting thing lots of stuff occurred in the past we can’t see. Anything to better understand something counts as research to me. When starting a new game I would research how to play and strategies I could use. Researching is okay when looking for knowledge to better understand the topic.

  14. Brianna Santiago

    Also to add an experience of mine was in high school I had to do a research project which took a month to do because the topic was on myths so we had to choose one and prove it was real ,thats when I realize the importants of research because if their was none we wouldnt know things or have questions and plus there was 4 people in the research group and we were behind on certian parts because we all wouldnt come to an agreement .We all had differents views but onces we did one on our own it was easier for me and even fast .

  15. Lizbeth

    I remember that in high school I had to do a research project on feminism because we were reading the novel the handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood. It took a month to finish, I remember she gave us a topic/question that we had to answer using sources that we found and at the end we had to write an essay with a bibliography. We had to share in group the sources we found because they would give us feedback such as if it would help answer my question. I learned a lot about research with that project. 

  16. briansook

    research helps me gather all of my information together, and I believe research can help me find out stuff

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