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   I believe that after reading  “A Talk to Teachers,” by James Baldwin he was simply stating facts about how the world really is cruel and beautiful at the same time. It’s ironic. In this letter to teachers he also shares the ugly truth America has to offer through a black man’s perspective,that being his own personal experiences and the nature of racism. He proudly evokes how he would teach kids the way of life and how it is to shape the world. What James Baldwin was saying when he said “the world is larger” ,he’s basically trying to explain to us that we should focus on things that are more important rather than missing it. As humans we tend to miss a lot in terms of the serious topics being brushed over one’s shoulder. In  “A Talk to Teachers,” by James Baldwin, James mentions “If he lives in one of those housing projects of which everyone in New York is so proud, he has at the front door, if not closer, the pimps, the whores, the junkies — in a word, the danger of life in the ghetto. And the child knows this, though he doesn’t know why”. James vaguely exposes the truth of a black boy explaining how the way things are now. Baldwin wants to reveal all things raw and true to his students, no sugar coating. Which is something our education system lacks, we as a collective need this as a necessity. Contrary to this, Baldwin has other beliefs and feels that education should be regulated in other ways. Baldwin states, “the purpose of education…is to examine society and try to change it and to fight it, at no matter what risk.” I grew up with schools that taught me about slavery, racism, discrimination and that’s pretty much it. I never had an in-depth perspective like Baldwin demonstrated in a way that people his skin color can relate to.

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  1. Indira

    Is true Brianna, the way the black history is presenting here is terrible. I think it is a brainwash for future generations, making believe that this is who we are and we never will get off of slavery. I did not grow up in this country and my experience is completely different. I never realized it was racism until I came to this country.

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