Professor Belli | Fall 2022 | City Tech

About me


My name is Jayden. I graduated from New Visions Charter High School for Advanced Math and Science II in June and I’m starting my freshmen year at City Tech. I’ve lived in the Bronx for my entire life.

My hobby is mostly playing video games. My major is computer engineering. In May I finished building my own computer.

Over the summer I worked my second job at Summer Youth. I didn’t do much during my vacation.

I look forward to experiencing the college life.


  1. Brianna Santiago

    That’s cool, I also worked in summer youth before.

  2. Jill Belli

    Hi Jayden, and thanks for this post and your work in the course so far. That’s very cool that you built your own computer! (I also am excited to see that you and Brianna S. already found a connection through your work at Summer Youth!)

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