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About me

My name is Indira Castillo and I am from the Republic of Panama. I have lived in this country since 2003. I have an 18 years old son who is starting college too. I have been working at a hospital in Manhattan as a secretary for about 12 years. I have a degree in Business Administration but because it is from another country the credits are not validated by this county, I would have to start all over again and that’s why I decided that if I should start again why not choose a career related to the work environment in which I am. And here I am, after a long wait for my son to graduate from high school; now it is time to resume my goals and persue a career as Radiology Technician.
My expectation of this class is to learn to write correctly and in a professional way.

About my hobbies, I used to have a couple of them, but nowadays and with so many responsibilities they have become interest that I do from time to time. I can mention some like martial arts, dancing, working out, roller skating, traveling and reading. Those are my main hobbies or interests.

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  1. Jill Belli

    Thanks Indira for sharing this Introduction with us, and for all of your other engagement in the course so far. It must be an interesting experience to get another degree in a different country, and also to be attending college at the same time as your son — wishing you both the best this semester.

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