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About me


My name is Jiacheng Zhao. I graduated from Franklin D. Roosevelt Highschool and this is my first year at City Tech. I grew up and lived in Brooklyn for most of my life.

I live a pretty normal life. I’m into video games, anime/mangas and coding. I’ve never really pushed myself to try anything new, or tried my best in anything specific. I feel like I’ve never really discovered who I really am, and have been kind of wasting the past years of my life away so, I’m hoping to really discover who I am, try new things and make new friends during my time at City Tech.

I used to play a bit of basketball and although I’m not super good at it, I do really enjoy playing basketball.

Nice to meet all of you


  1. Brandonyu

    What genre of anime and manga you watch and read? Got any recommendations ?

    • Jiachengzhao

      I read more mangas than watch anime nowadays. I read and watch a variety, for animes I generally just watch whatever shows’ coming out at the time. For mangas I tend to read Korean/Chinese ones, usually ones that include traveling back in time.

  2. Lizbeth

    hey Jiacheng, I have a best friend that also graduated from Franklin D. Roosevelt high school. I wanted to attend that high school but I decided to go somewhere else. I understand what you mean with trying to discover who you are as a person, I think trying new things and having experiences helps shape who you are, its something I hope to do.

    • Jiachengzhao

      Hello, Lizbeth, I see, it’s a shame that you couldn’t attend with your friend. I hope your decision to go to another school worked out for you tho. Trying new things is something I hope to do aswell, during my college years, I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone before and I regret it.

  3. Jill Belli

    Thanks Jiacheng for sharing a bit about yourself here, and welcome to the course! I can definitely understand how difficult it can be to figure out who you are and what is most aligned with that identity, and I know a lot of your classmates share that feeling (believe it or not, I still feel that way myself sometimes!). I hope your time at City Tech nurtures your growth and exploration, and that you find a path that resonates with you.

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