Professor Belli | Fall 2021 | City Tech

Real or Fake ?

As a kid, I was a very nosey and interactive child. There were always one or two things that interested me but nothing caught my eye more than anything that had to do with ghosts, spirits etc. Coming from a Caribbean household, we believe in these types of things. And we are very cautious when it comes to things like this. As a child my father would always tell me stories of when he was back home and the things he use to see. As I got older, my family always told me new things about it. They would say things like ” If you’re coming in the house after 12am, make sure to walk in with you back facing the doorway so unwanted spirits don’t follow you” and they would even tell me things like ” don’t leave any chairs pulled out during the night because you’re going to invite an unwanted spirit to sit down.” As crazy as it might sound to a lot of you, I followed all of these rules since I was a child and yes i still do believe in them. A lot of my other friends look at me like I’m crazy or something when I tell them these things. My curiosity about this topic has always grown throughout the years. I always wanted to know more and know the reasoning for these rules. My grandma would always tell me the consequences when she didn’t follow these rules and it would always end up with a weird spirit in her house. But this is what kept me so interested about things like this. The educational system and others in my life has always try to pose as if stories like these aren’t “real” i guess you can say. I was always taught in school that certain things like ghost and spirits can only take place in fiction books and movies. But that has never changed my mind on how I feel about this topic. 

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  1. Jill Belli

    This is fascinating!

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