12 thoughts on “What is the Danger in Developing an Advanced Artificial Intelligence? (Lightning Presentation)”

  1. It was a bit fast paced. there was a lot of slides and I couldn’t often even read them as I was focusing more on what you were already saying. The information was great and summarized quickly and was deep in understanding the errors of AI.

  2. -I liked the concise manner in which you explained the ideals and how you related it to the research.
    -Would like more visual representations of your topic. Images & such.

  3. Awesome research and project. But hard to follow you (too fast through slides and speaking). Also, would benefit from images and multimedia (too much text). But most importantly, need to lead with the big picture (the argument, the research question, etc.) so we understand the “so what?” up front–what all of these details are in service of.

  4. -I loved the discussion of the ethics of IA and how it relates to everyday life.
    -There were a lot of subtopics mentioned in the presentation. Perhaps narrow it to a few.

  5. I enjoyed the rapid fire, but still smooth flow of the presentation. It helped digest the information.
    I only wish that there may of been some pictures to help with visual representation

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