10 thoughts on “What can symbiosis in science fiction tell us about the how we perceive world relationships? (Lightning presentation)”

  1. Good articulation of the topic and the research question at the beginning (though I would tweak your slide titles a bit — “what will be covered” might not be the most helpful heading there). I like your examples too. But we need a little more pushing on the “so what?” here – why/how do all of these types of symbiotic relationships matter in the context of your larger argument? Maybe something to do with the encounter with the “other” in SF?

  2. While the presentation structure is good, more information should be presented on the slide when talking about your examples and sub topics

  3. I like your categorization of symbiotic relationships and how they actually occur in real life compared to sci-fi films but I feel like you don’t say why thats important to differentiate between these two ways that symbiosis is portrayed.

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