11 thoughts on “Time and the Multiverse”

  1. Fascinating subject and one that’s well represented across science fiction.

    One of the slides had a ton of text, which took away a little from the other ones, which had great visuals. A little abrupt an ending; might benefit from a proper conclusion.

  2. I feel like its a-little too focused on explaining the concept of multi-verses than actually getting to the research that you found or how these multiverses effect something else. I feel like there needs to be a stronger question because I feel like you’re only summarizing.

  3. Khoury, I like that you explained the key terms (such as multiverse theory and parallel universe), but you should do some additional work helping to show how and why all these details fit together in the service of some larger argument/claim (the “so what?”). Don’t get too bogged down in the details that you forget to emphasize the big picture.

    Also, remember that you need attribution and citations throughout, as you integration your research.

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