13 thoughts on “The Notion of Choice & Multiverse Theory (Lightning Presentation)”

  1. Fascinating topic (and the consequences of our choices)–would benefit from more framing up front (in terms of science fiction, multiverse theory) so we know how it all fits together. A little stream-of-consciousness-y at this point 🙂

    Like the examples, but like others, need more focus on secondary research in addition to these primary texts (SF movies). Nice images with titles. (Works Cited should be formatted in MLA format, for easy access).

  2. Well-detailed introduction on the topic with supporting examples from science fiction.
    A little more information on the real world science behind the theory/topic discussed.

  3. I love the idea of the multiverse and even though I feel like its starting to be played out with every single franchise heading into this idea of the multiverse I believe that your idea of choice makes the multiverse so interesting. Only critique is just better timing.

  4. I like that you take time to explain key terms in your topic (such as multiverse theory, parallel universe)–don’t forget to give attribution and citations (for your research). It was a little unclear up front what the “so what?” and the big research question is, so try to tighten up the presentation of that a bit up front, as well as the connection to SF (which is of course really strong here, but you need to make that explicit for your audience).

    Also, try not to get too super-bogged down in all the little details and lose site of the big picture (how/why all these details matter in the context of some larger claim/argument).

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