The Notion of Choice and How it Can Change Universes

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Choice is a strong driving factor in any storytelling perspective. The choices of the character at hand could dictate the future of the whole story in general, and Science Fiction stories are no different in this ideal. In any case, Science Fiction may hold a greater focus toward the notion of choice, with topics such as Universe Hopping and Time Travel holding choices that majorly impact not just a character, but an entire universe. It begs the question, in terms of Science Fiction media, Could the Notion of Choice have a greater impact on The Multiverse Theory? 

The Multiverse Theory is an idea often shared amongst the many generations that ponder the existence of something greater than our world. The idea that out there, somewhere farther than Humans could ever possibly imagine viewing or witnessing, is a whole other universe with something different about it. Something that makes it an entirely new experience compared to the normal experience. The differing quality of this other universe could be anything; The Axis Powers winning WWII, The Industrial Revolution failing to kick off, The Spread of the Black Plague becoming worldwide, but the main factor that seals it is the thought that it is the dirtied mirror image of another universe where the opposite choices were picked, and therefore the opposite outcome came to fruition.

The research conducted for this project was in part delving into various pieces of Science Fiction media and articles online relating to the topic of Choice and the Multiverse Theory. Movies such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and shows such as Rick and Morty both have great examples of characters that, by making certain choices and dictating their lives through certain actions, cause differing universes to emerge where the opposite choices and the opposite characters are brought to fruition. 

This project aims to focus more on the idea that pieces of media in Science Fiction explore the topic of Choices affecting the Multiverse and how a character may cause the creation of a differing character, or even greater a differing universe, based on their actions or their choices.

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