The Concept of Symbiosis and why do most science fiction stories see it as negative?

symbiosis in nature is a very fascinating topic. when two or more parties benefit from one another in some way, shape, or form, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worst. This does not just apply to organic creatures but also inorganic ones like machines and humans. despite a lot of benefits that can come from this type of relationship it is often treated as something far more dangerous when it comes to science fiction. a lot of books and media portrayed as and all for one type of situation, leaving the host has some sort of husk. In law there are types of symbiotic relationships like that, we do not often see any other types portrayed despite being just as interesting.


For this project (proposal), I will be talking about different types of symbiotic relationships and also looking through various sources and media to find examples of these relationships that are not just parasitic in nature. From plants to animals, animals to animals, humans to machines, and any other relationship we can think of. Not to mention what types of advantages and disadvantages each party gets beyond just food or protection.

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2 thoughts on “The Concept of Symbiosis and why do most science fiction stories see it as negative?”

  1. I believe that your proposition is very strong you’re going to discuss how symbiotic relationships are viewed negatively in science fiction, how that doesn’t translate to the real world by proving current symbiotic relationships. This research will also answer what relationships are between animals in our world. There’s no explanation on the sources and that limits my understanding of the research you’re choosing exactly. The idea of the paper is there and I believe it’s narrow enough to discuss but the research going forward will be the deciding factor

  2. Shamach, the five sources need to be annotated. Please make sure to include annotations for these sources (and your additional ones) for Thursday’s revised post.

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