11 thoughts on “Science Fiction and Emotions (lightning presentation)”

  1. Really need introduction (what you wanted to learn, and what you are arguing!)–though don’t forget to introduce yourself too (and citations–in-text, for images as well).

    Good pacing (verbally), and signaling (use of transitions). Good examples (Wall-E, Her).

    Would benefit from more direct (explicit) integration of (secondary) research in the presentation.

  2. Very organized with the structure and how the presentation flows. I enjoyed the addition of a conclusion as well to support your topic.

  3. Outstanding topic. It’s something I never thought I’d be particularly interested it, but now, thanks to your presentation, I am. And I want to know more. Great visuals and examples.

    Not much criticism to give other than how parts of what you were reading felt like they were “being read,” if that makes sense.

  4. I need more research and I tried to cram in two stories while I should’ve focused on one and added more research. I liked my own timing but maybe I could try to read little less and try to spice out my slides to give myself questions that I could remember.

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