Reading Response #6 Destroyer

One could understand this reading a lot better if they have the prior knowledge of the original 1818 novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley. That Novel tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who reanimated the dead, bestowing life in a creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment. By the end of the novel this creature has been  disregarded by humanity labeled an abomination and treated inhumane. Resulting in it holding a grudge against humanity.

This story continues showing us the creatures’ endeavors. Right in the beginning of the story it shows us how the creature even after waking from a type of hibernation, it continues to hold a grudge against humanity. Witnessing the cruel murder of a whale and its calf just proved to it that humanity has not changed even though the passage of time. That humanity still takes everything for granted and do things for selfish reasons not taking other life into account. That is why It murdered the fisherman. We can see that this creature can also learn and adapt very fast as we saw when he was watching news/documentary clips on the tablet.

Doctors Frankenstein’s work may have been shunned back in his day, however now in the future, people can appreciate his work and can see the value of it. Researchers picked up the hints that Dr. Frankenstein have left behind and continued his research all the way to the point where these researchers have created a biological stem cell 3D printer that can create living things. They do not live for very long though, only for a few moments.

The main character of this story is one of those very researchers that studied Dr. Frankenstein’s work. She was let off though the moment she got pregnant, because her bossed believed that she would no longer being able to prioritize all her efforts in this research project.

As time went on, she got a job as a university professor in Nano robotics. though the facilities weren’t are amazing as the lab she had worked in for so long she had maternity leave and would be able to care for her child without judgment. Her child grew up and was living an active life. One day though her child never came home from ball practice. Instead she is being greeted by an officer telling her that her child has been miss labeled as a gunman and got mowed down by the police. This throw her back into continuing the once left behind research of Dr. Frankenstein . Over time, using Nano robotics she succeeded in bringing life back to her child.

Back to the creature from earlier Victor Frankenstein’s creation. It has been  traveling the globe as if it is searching for something or someone. It does not harm people that are not doing anything to it or anything bad to others around his presence. It actually more or less ignores everything, but with that same disregard makes away with any people in his way without care for any bystanders that might get hurt in the process. he acts as if he is on a mission with only one thing on its mind, this one goal we have yet to find out what the goal is at this point though.

The book proceeded to show us how the son the creature and the machine the mother had built before being fired from her job have all come to be in the same place the son try’s to reason with the creature on how they are two of a kind but in the end the rage and quest for revenge on humanity from the creature and from the mother fueled by the anger of being treated like a less valued citizen due to her skin color and the grief of Losing her son even though she was able to use technology to bring them back to life made her angry with humanity looking for the same revenge of the creature was looking for on humanity but in the end they died and the son survived or at least that’s what the story lead you to believe because you’re also shown an image of the kid watching a game but he’s seat being empty.

This remade fantasy sequel to Mary Shelley’s original Frankenstein show us with modern day how much we lack as a society and how much technology is evolving fast than humanity can learn to care for each other.

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