Phillips Reading Response Number 5: Westworld

West world was quite intriguing because it is a modern tv show that has more options in terms of what can be shown and the production technology to make it seem very realistic. This tv show takes place in a modern world where they have created an amusement park for rich customers to come and experience the wild west. To make it super cool, they have created these androids or artifical beings that are a apart of the amusement park. They are not supposed to be aware that they are androids and they also do not know anything about the outside world.

It was very intersting to see the opening credits sequence of the 3d printing of the new world they created. The cost of visitng for guests is $40,000 a day, so it is not a cheap experience, so it appears to be geared towards the rich based on the financal aspect of the experience. They refer to the androids as hosts and it is very interesting to see how they react and interact with the guests. Dolores is the main hero host and her lover Teddy is also a host, but the show makes it very hard to distinguish who is a host and guest in the first episode.

The train was stocked with guests and hosts. One human said that the first time he visited Westworld he was with his family and had some simple fun, but for his second trip he went “straight evil,” and it was the best two weeks of his life. This tells us a lot about the guests and the park in a couple economical lines. The guests can decide how they want to go about using the wild west location because they are paying a large amount, so they are given a lot of power in terms of what they can do.

So at first it is hard to tell that teddy is a host, but when Dolores recognzies him, that is a clear indication that he was written into her permeanent story. This show seems like it is going to dive into the conceps of AI and the concepts of becoming aware of differenet realities. The man in black is super interesting because he has been a guest at westoworld since it opened, so it seems like he prefers guns and brothels over beaches and margartias.

I also found it very intersting that the man in black seems to have this god complex. He seems to enjoy the power he and his abiity to reapeat similar events without ever being hurt. It truly is a very intersting sow becuase so many aspects of it realte to the funadementals of science fiction and with modern production technology, it is easier to replicate and visualize these super AI concepts and characters.

The show has a lot of potential and even just from the first episode, one can see that there is going to be issues with the hosts and most lilely a human element will also influence events.

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