World Building in Science Fiction

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This paper discusses the various implications that world-building in science fiction has on society. The paper will question the importance of science fiction and how its existence can address major issues and bring them into public eyes. The various examples relate back to the overlying claim that science fiction has the power to stimulate discussion of major issues. This ranges from race and gender to the ethics of artificial intelligence. This paper will quote famous science fiction writers and connect how then and now, the thought process of science fiction has not changed.

The research goes into detail about how science fiction in various sub-genres of science fiction has brought up major issues. In Star Trek, they have the first on-screen interracial kiss and for the time period, this was unheard of and is one of the many examples of how major issues that were frowned upon are now being talked about. Overall the research shows the various implications of world-building like in Star Trek and how it can be a platform for radical change. It can be seen that science fiction isn’t the answer to all problems, but a way to scope out various possibilities and talk about what was never talked about in public.

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