Oscar’s Reading response #4: The Last Question

Asimov’s, “The Last Question,” is a short story about a possible future of humanity. The short story may be in its writing short, however it is relatable to such a large extent that the story in itself is not just on the paper but within every time someone asks themselves how long will the world last (Entropy: Degradation of matter and energy in the universe). The story had a quick view to different times and life styles showing how not only a single person could ask the same question, but how different people as it in their manner. The story has a resolution which is not something people can expect nor is it that fond of a true outcome, or one that the characters desired for. The story as a whole put the same question in different perspectives and gave different passages to the same outcome, different times and live styles.

The first instance of the story the two characters can be considered one of the very first humans to travel, and yet be in the lower portions of the economy and due to this their question is more direct. Their life styles can be shown in the way they speak and question the peoples intent to be guided by the machine and the machine alone, this is shown by how one of the characters questions the machines knowledge and ability to remain for years to come. Each generation that comes to the same conclusion is at least thousands of years apart and they always ask the machine if Entropy can be reversed or if the universe can return to its original state, however the machine always responded with, “INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR MEANINGFUL ANSWER.” Which meant the collaborate knowledge that the machine had was not enough for it to find a solution to the end of galaxies themselves, each time the question came the machine hand already been looking for an answer but never found any till the end. In the end once all of humanity had passed and the galaxies faded into nothing, that’s when the machine finally found the and yet there was nobody in sight to share the answer with. The answer was simple and yet able to change everything, “Let there be light..”

The ending is remarkable in the fact that who is there to say that a being much more powerful than all of humanity has already gone through this process thousands of times and yet the outcomes never really change, the world end and pass but the being stays and sees everything grow from nothing once again. Like a person seeing a plant grow and vanish as time passes by, this story tries to question the idea of how long we think what we are doing is truly worth the while. The story questions many Morals and many ideas, its meant to change the peoples perspective and that why the writer excerpt in the beginning is quit outstanding because he is happy with how people don’t remember his name but can clearly remember the story. The author is content because this shows that the story made an impact with readers minds, as well as has made the question exit the short story.

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