Oscar Abundez Reading Response #5: WestWorld

The HBO Show “WestWorld,” is a show with a very sinister ending. The main focus of the show is a world that is created of Robotic people who believe they are regular people, and yet seem to repeat the same day for the as long as the creators decide. I the case of the show the people are unaware that they repeat the same thing for all of eternity, however the show then pulls out of the fake world to show the real one that overlays upon it. In the real world the people see the robots play out their lives, however there seem to be guests called “New comers” that have entered the world and caused havoc.

In the beginning there is an apparent contrast with how technology used to be in the past and the technology the future is capable of creating, such as “reanimated” horses and people (16:00). With this contrast the show expands on how the technology from the past was not to the standards on the future, with the show making the two connect with the future controlling the “Past” the contrast of power is also enabled. The future seems to be capable of controlling more than the people in thee past, as well as showing how primitive technology seemed (14:50).

In the first appearance of the “New Comers” the issue of an exciting world changes direction, to who are they and why can’t they seem to die (12:40). As well as what impacts do they have upon the androids, will their knowledge be corrupted or altered due to the fact? These new questions and issues arise with this introduction, and yet they are lightly answered with the “father” of Deloris. The android seems to become defiant, and wanting revenge on his creators, which in turn seems to be caused because the system has created an error where the android can access the previous memories (1:02:00).

The different layering of placed interest within the show makes the first episode grasp the curiosity of the people and makes them wonder if its something that can actually happen later in the show, the questions consist of the current details and the outcomes that happen. The problem of the show or issue of the story doesn’t only consist with a single character but rather a general outcome that could happen to the androids as a whole, the story builds on this when they show how many robots have been placed into storage (1:06:05). The ending in which we can see that the android is in fact crying is quit a questionable scene, because this begs the question of how intelligent does the android have to be to become something similar to human.

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