12 thoughts on “Lightning Presentation”

  1. Very good visuals and loved the Bradbury quotes.

    Needs a little more about worldbuilding in general, I think — this seems to be more related to the importance of representation in the media.

  2. Love the initial quote from Bradbury and the image (reminder–you have to cite images too! in-text citations & Works Cited). But it’s not clear totally how that “dreaming” with the genre is related to your overall topic/research question (not sure what it is?). Clarify that focus up front (you only mentioned it at the very end).

  3. 1). has good amount of visual art, has well time moments
    2). Needs more information on presentation, has very little information, other than hand notes this would be great to have as a side inform page.

  4. I think this presentation went a bit slow and could’ve been done faster but I think the concept of talking about the other is a very important issue and that representation in society has been made better through science fiction.

  5. -Liked the idea of exploring the world building of Science Fiction, I personally love good world building.
    -I think you should use more examples of good world building in Sci-Fi and maybe reference other people’s ideals on the topic.

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