Khoury’s Reading Response #2: Metropolis

Metropolis is film from 1927 that is set in the year 2026 and depicts a world in which the wealthy and rich live in luxurious city, while the workers and the poor are forced to live underground and must keep everything running. The film follows Freder, son of the city master Joh Frederson, and Maria who is a figure to the working class. Their goal is to end the separation of classes that is present in their world.

The film heavily depicts the difference that both sides of society have, which is shown when both groups are introduced. When the working class ins introduced (0:05:00) we see that they are treated like slaves, and that there seems to be an aura of sadness around them which is expressed by their body language. When we see the rich get introduced (0:07:05) the scenery is much brighter with people running and enjoying themselves.

I personally believe that the film shows a representation of how far some people are willing to treat other in oder to have what they want. However, the film also shows that where there is oppression, there will be rebellion as shown by the fact that Maria and Freder want to bring both groups of society together.

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