Itmam Chowdhury’s Reading Response #5: Westworld

Westworld is a themed park where androids are represented as hosts to the guests as they operate real life daily activities as actual humans do. The first fifteen minutes of the episode is mainly about Delores and Teddy. In the end of the fifteen minutes, we see a visitor killing Teddy and kidnapping Delores. After this scene, we see Delores wake up the next morning with no memory of last night and the events of the previous day being repeated. 

What I found interesting is the interaction between the humans and androids. The humans knows that the hosts aren’t real people but the hosts themselves doesn’t know that. One scene I found interesting is when a boy talks to Delores and says “You’re one of them, aren’t you? You’re not real” (32:05). I feel like the visitors knowing that the hosts are androids brings  thoughts and questions such as are the visitors scared of the hosts in some ways as they aren’t humans . Another scene that I found interesting is the sheriff breaking down when a bug is on him. I’m wondering if this breakdown of an android can happen frequently and how that can affect the entire plot as a whole.

Delores’s character is pretty intriguing as she is considered the oldest host. We see multiple times in the episode of Delores focusing on the beauty of the world and not the ugliness. To me, this whole world of robots being controlled and being hosts to the guests is pretty ugly and I’m wondering when if ever Delores will figure that out. I feel like even though this whole world Delores is living in is pretty ugly, her mindset and perspective is to cherish the things that makes her happy even if there isn’t a lot of it.

One of the opening lines is ” Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?”(3:17). This question is interesting as the hosts doesn’t know that they are androids but thinks they are human beings. In the end of the episode we see Teddy once again in the train for the third time, but this time I noticed how he touches the same area on his body where he was shot from the second time. I feel like there might be a chance Teddy is starting to remember what happened to him before he lost his memory. I feel like this scene with Teddy at the end answers the opening line I stated in the beginning as he might actually be in the process of questioning the nature of his reality.

The androids function as regular human beings throughout the episode and there are moments where I forget that they are actually robots. It’s interesting how even though the androids have actual feelings like regular humans and other very similar traits. Some of them did act weird when a bug was on there face and didn’t react at all but other than that they do seem like they’re actual people. This is the first time I ever watched Westworld and I’m interested to see what happens next with this world Delores and all the other androids are living in.


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