13 thoughts on “Indigenous Science fiction presentation (Lightning Presentation)”

  1. Great topic and a really important one, too.

    Maybe use less text on the slides; I find myself reading them instead of listening to the presentation and focusing on the visuals.

  2. A lot of information on the topic showing that you studied and have knowledge on it, however you have to much information for this presentation. on the 6-8 minute one it would be fine.

  3. Such a fascinating, timely, & important topic Oscar!

    I like that you started by framing the issue with the main genre and then the sub-genre. In general, I would encourage you to use less text on slides (so you’re not just reading them), though you can put the quotes you’re reading up there (to help us to follow your discussion).. Don’t forget citations as well, so we know where you are getting your research from.

  4. The pacing was pretty slow and I felt like you definitely need more energy in your speaking. I liked the topic I did a similar ones for the annotations comparing the Na’vi tribe from Avatar to the way native Americans are treated in modern society.

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