How does machines affect society?

Revised Proposal:

Have you ever thought of how machines affect society? There are many who fear that as machines get smarter, humans will become unnecessary. Many Sci Fi films depict that machines will take over and humans will be extinct, an example would be Terminator. There are some friendly versions, in the Sci Fi film WALL-E, machines are doing all the work while the humans relax. New technology is being created but how are people being affected? With new technological innovations there consequences like culture lag. Cultural lag is when culture takes time to catch up with technological innovations, resulting in social problems. 

Cultural lag has been around for many centuries. With advancements of technology, society must be able to adapt or cultural lag could happen. Failing to adapt to new technology leads to many controversies for society. An example of such would be Stem cells being proven to defeat a host of diseases but it comes from unborn fetuses. It’s a conflict between medical advancement, the law, and ethical beliefs. Being able to cure diseases but ethics and other beliefs prevents such. If technology is to advance and become part of society, humans must be ready to embrace and accept it.

The question for the project is how do machines affect society? I tried to be more specific than just how is the relationship with man and machine? It still feels kind of broad. I still trying to connect cultural lag and the development of machines.


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This article is very helpful in explaining the effects of cultural lag.

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2 thoughts on “How does machines affect society?”

  1. Main question-How do machines affect society?

    Go more into debt with examples between machines and humans pros and cons, for example mentioning Terminator was great, but there should be some details to show the reader exactly how this is a con incase they do not know.

    The cultural lag part was good as well as explaining what it is. But a better example is needed such as how a culture may fall behind sticking to tradition and not progression.

    While I do understand what you are talking about in the proposal, the middle does seem a little bland.

    If you are going to talk about cultural lag, also talk about the pros and cons for it, as well as how we as a race may be able to help the cultures that fall behind.

    Talking about cultural lag and well as the pros and cons of machines in society, in my opinion should be the main focus you have.

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