Derick’s Reading Response #4: The Last Question


The Last Question is a story that does make you question the length that human intelligence can reach. It’s a story that begins from humans a little father in the future than we are. Where we have created super computers and those super computers now help to solve earth’s problems and give us solutions to our ever growing issue of limited resources. This computer is a creation of man that no longer needs human assistance to refine itself or to gain more knowledge. It is self sufficient and helps humans develop ideas that would otherwise take thousands of years to solve. The problem in this story becomes entropy. The degradation of matter and energy in the universe is entropy which just a fancy way of saying that everything dies eventually. 


Every generation separated by thousands and to millions of years keeps asking the same question and the supercomputer that changes names keeps saying that it does not have enough data yet. In the beginning it did not know the answer when they figured out how to power the entire earth with only the sun. When people were traveling through interstellar space to find new homes it did not know the answer. Then it did not know the answer when people were all one mind and they were taking their last breaths. Only until the universe disappeared and the supercomputer was in hyperspace did it understand how to reverse entropy and like God said in the Bible the computer said “LET THERE BE LIGHT” and there was light. 


This gives people to question if this life is really just a cycle and has this happened before. Did a supercomputer decide to reset it all and that is where we came from. We have no ideas of our beginnings or our end but this gives us a completely different perspective of how life dies and begins again and how without the use of something that lives in our reality can cause life to begin all over again. A sci-fi concept that bends the perception of what we consider possible but what the future may hold for us millions of years from now.

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