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Last class. Hope you enjoyed the ride! 




My Presentation 


The Notion of Choice in the Multiverse 


I believe that the Notion of Choice can affect the Multiverse because of how Science Fiction Media has presented it. 


Rick Potion #9 Best Rick and Marty episode




Can machines teach us empathy?


Wall-E demonstrates how even Machine scan love 


Her demonstrates how technology can solve loneliness and the negative things we keep inside ourselves. 


What’s the different between Science Fiction and Fantasy when connecting to our emotions? 

Science Fiction is more plausible

It’s easier to relate to people like Theodore from Her than Percy Jackson


Science Fiction allows us to sympathize with the odd emotions that are felt through empathy. 


If a computer software, a blue alien, etc, can feel these emotions then so can I. 




Symbiosis and Science Fiction


What can symbiosis in Science Fiction tell us about highly perceived real world relationship 


Symbiosis: 2 or more parties are involved in some living arrangement


Mutualism: Mutual relationship

Commensalism: One benefits, cybernetic enhancements. Can become over reliant 

Parasitism: One takes over the host. The host starts changing. 

Predation: Predator to Prey. 

Competition: Fighting over one resource. Constantly evolving to get the upper hand over one another. 


Most represented Symbiotic relationships are sympathetic for the parasite. 




Human Genetic Modification


Manipulation of the Human genome through a technique known as Gene Editing


Eugenics: does not involve direct gene editing. Choosing between viable eggs


TALEN’s: Uses Enzymes to remove certain gene strands


CRISPR: Finds a specific bit of DNA in a cell and alters it. 


Could help to understand how viruses and diseases work and how to destroy them. 


Genetic modifications could have ethical complications behind them. 


Designer babies 

Permanent mistakes 



There have been cases where the thought of genetic modification needs consent or some sort of proof of ownership of the child. 



Artificial intelligence takeover in Science Fiction 


Artificial Intelligence: Machine intelligence, other than humans. 


AI Takeover: Artificial Intelligence that takes over the planet and destroys the Human Species. 


Utopian Takeover is great and makes a perfect world. Dystopian Takeover kills Humanity. 


Technology is getting to a point where some tech no longer requires human input to create


I, Robot: The Three Laws of Robotics. Had a robot programmed to kill, something he had no control over and directly ignored the Three Laws of Robotics. 


Transformers: Good AI vs Bad AI. 


Robopocalypse: An AI thinking it’s more dominant than Humans and sees itself as a God. 


In 2015 a German worker was killed by a Robot, it shows Human Error. 


Final Course Reflection 


Most people are working through it. 


Final Course Reflection Extended until Midnight of Sunday 12/20


Turn in Student Teacher Evaluation if you haven’t already done so.


Credit/No Credit option is available once again this semester. 


Don’t Email for Grade. They will hopefully be posted before the Holidays. 


Office Hours from 4-5pm today. 


Professor Belli will be teaching two other courses next semester. Similar schedule to Science Fiction Course, Tuesday/Thursday Synchronous. 


Live Long and Prosper! 

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