Class notes (12/15/2020)


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Max presentation: What are the Dangers of Developing an Advanced Artificial Intelligence?

What are the Dangers of Developing an Advanced Artificial Intelligence?

It’s Clippy!

Paper Clip scenario:

  • Automated Paper Clip factory with Advanced AI gets out of hand.
  • The entire known universe has been turned into paper clips.

Riemann Hypothesis Catastrophe:

  • A scenario that’s unthinkable when considering current human capabilities, but very much a concern when imagining an advanced AI.

An advanced AI is any artificial intelligence that can outperform human capabilities across a wide domain.

Wide Domain versus Narrow Domain

Technology will continue to advance and our reliance on it will only grow. Without safeguards on AI research, there can be severe consequences.


Phillip presentation: World Building in Science Fiction

World Building in Science Fiction

Examples of World Building:

  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • Star Trek

Star Trek series:

  • First interracial kiss on screen
  • Lt. Data is the first android and artificial intelligence


  • Science fiction can raise awareness or stimulate discussion about certain issues, and not to provide a solution, but to help us feel better about our ability to overcome these issues.


Xavier: Sci-Fi and Holographic Technology

Sci-Fi and Holographic Technology

The motivation was from VR, 3D, and 4D

Examples of holographic technology and Sci-Fi:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Iron Man

Volumetric Display:

  • 3D light image using lasers

Benefits of holograms:

  • Credit cards
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Medical CAT scans
  • Bar codes
  • ETC.

Future Benefits:

  • Improves communication
  • Digital storage capacity increases
  • Medical Improvements
  • More Security
  • ETC.


Khoury presentation: The Multiverse and Time

The Multiverse And Time

The multiverse theory is the idea that the universe we live in is not the only one, and there is an infinite number of universes that may be similar to our own or drastically different.

Parallel timeline theory, there are multiple universes exactly like ours existing at the same time as our own.

Split timelines are an example of daughter universes, every choice you make causes a split resulting in a new timeline.

Split timelines are caused by time travel, going back in time and changing things.

Quantum mechanics is the study of how subatomic particles move.


Oscar presentation: Indigenous Sciencce Fiction changes the genre and why its overlooked

Indigenous Science Fiction changes the genre, and why it’s overlooked

Science Fiction is the creation of literature worlds where our imaginations create worlds.

Science fiction genre has been mostly Eurocentric views. But lately many cultures have arisen to science fiction to its roots which allowed more culture and diversity.

Indigenous Futurism is an extension of Science Fiction, it is the idea of a future where indigenous believes creates/influence the worlds.

Eurocentric views, means that there is a large cast of European ideas or forms of living.

A wave of modern authors are exploring Indigenous cultures as living, vibrant, and firmly fixed in both the modern and future worlds.

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