Class Notes 12/15/20

Class Notes: 

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Do the teacher evaluation before the 18th

There is also a flexible grading policy in place this semester.

Office hours will be at 1:00pm today. 4:00pm appointments aren’t available.



What are the dangers of developing advanced artificial intelligence? 

A story about how an AI that makes paper clips become so powerful it takes over the entire universe in the Riemann- hypothesis catastrophe. 

The issue with narrow domains which have tons of ethical issues. 

In science fiction Wide domains are more common as these respond as humans would. 

The real world implications in areas like AGI and how even in a wide domain ethical problems are magnified. 

The risk of advancing AI in conclusion is the severe ethical consequences of a machine with limited human understanding. The idea that after a while we won’t be able to control that power. 

Philip – 

World building in science fiction and how it affects society ? 

The construction of an imaginary world without any plot holes. 

The impact of world building we have to account for all the possibility of all diversity because we cannot suppress certain topics that society has tried to censor. 

Claim – science fiction can raise awareness for certain issues for a discussion but not to specifically solve those issues. 

Xavier – 

Does hologram tech stay fit in the category of science fiction about the future ? 

Explain how movies affect the real world like biometric holograms and spatial reality displays. 

Why should we care ? It matters to us because of credit cards, medical cat scans and drivers licenses which all have holographic technology. 

The influence of sci-fi will affect us by advancing our technology. 

Khoury – 

How does time and the multiverse correlate with each other ? 

The theory that our universe isn’t the only one and there’s an infinite number of universes. 

The ethics of having choice and how every choice affects every universe. 

Arin Tang – 

Should development of AI continue ? 

Jack Ma’s thoughts on AI saying that it’s not terrible. 

Stating that society is uncertain of what AI stands for in society. 

People are questioning the bus, liability security and many other aspects of what AI affects. 

Oscar – 

How Indigenous science fiction changes the genre ? 

One of the ways that it affects science fiction is indigenous futurism

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